Pastoral Duties and Care

Lecture 1
The Church Service, goals, and where they should lead

Loose outline
A loose outline of a church service would be as follows: -

  1. Inviting the Holy Spirit to come in the opening prayer
  2. Singing
  3. Worship
  4. Prayer in the Holy Spirit
  5. Sermon
  6. Application of the sermon in response to the people through prayer for the sick,
    deliverance, repentance, operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in prayer etc.
  7. Conclusion. Always allow the Holy Spirit to lead the service and give the Lord
    time to speak or minister to the people in whatever way He wants to.

Following a theme
If one wants to achieve a certain teaching or if a book of the Bible is to be taught over several weeks, it will take more planning. It can be done by: -

  1. Dividing the teaching into blocks so that each week is covered by an equal
    amount of teaching.
  2. Finding the teaching subject of each week and matching your songs to it.
  3. Using the theme of teaching to help with the structure and activity of the service,
    remembering to give the Lord full movement and not to restrict him in any way,
    but be prepared to change anything planned at any time at the prompting of the
    Holy Spirit so He can take over and do something more wonderful.

The structure
Get the people involved by using their talents for various jobs within the church. Allow the gifts of the Holy Spirit to g^row within the members and the Holy Spirit will raise up prophets to speak and encourage growth in the church through tongues, interpretation of tongues, gifts of discernment, words of knowledge, wisdom, faith, healing and the working of miracles. You will also need - the pastor to be the leader, a worship leader and a choir. All these people working in balance with the gifts of the Holy Spirit will bring the church to a new level of the 5 fold ministries. The five fold ministries being: -
1. The Pastor in charge will encourage leadership, resolve problems, and pastor the people.
2. Teachers will be raised up to teach Sunday School, Bible School, and
Evangelism courses etc.
3. Evangelists will be trained and sent out to reach the lost and bring many into
the church.
4. Apostles. Some of the Evangelists will become Apostles who will go out and
plant churches in cities or remote villages.
5. Prophets will also be raised up to hear God on an intimate level and speak the
words of God to the peoples. They will also be prayer warriors, protecting the
church from the principalities of evil. Read Ephesians 4:7-16 and you will see
that all this, working together in unity within the church, brings the church to yet
another level.
The 5 fold ministries, operating with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, leads the original church to become the Mother Church of the new church plants within the community.
1. The Bible School of Evangelism will carry on training and sending out more
Evangelists and Apostles to plant churches.
2. The Pastors Bible School will be training and sending out Pastors to pastor the
new church plants.
3. A Church council will come into place for arranging: -

  • Conferences to build up and encourage Pastors and Evangelists.
  • Crusades to reach the masses and bring more to Christ.
  • A place for counselling Pastors, Evangelists and leaders.

Questions to think about

  1. How would you follow a theme?
  2. How do the gifts of the Holy Spirit fit in?
  3. Explain the five fold ministries.
  4. Plan a structure for your church.

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