Lecture 2
The Sermon

1. Wait on God
Come into His presence, bring the church situation to Him, ask Him about the needs and how you can meet them in your sermon. Ask the Lord for the topic, layout and method of putting the message or messages across to the people.

2. How to prepare a sermon
What is the goal? What are you led by God to achieve? What are the needs? What material will attain it? Once you have prayed and sought the book of the Bible or scriptures needed to achieve the goal, you will need to set it out, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in such a way that the people will understand and respond favourably to the message. It is also imperative that the sermon promotes the fruit of the Holy Spirit, which needs to be developed in each member of the congregation. Gal 5:22

3. The structure of the message

  • Name the topic. Introduce the message in a way that will get the people's
  • Structure the message by way of a step by step, explanation or testimony
    format or even a combination of all three, keeping to the time allocated.
  • Use the build up of the message to bring the people to the conclusion and
    application of the sermon.
  • Application may be for immediate response for healing, deliverance,
    repentance, call for conversion, call for baptism in the Holy Spirit etc. or for
    lifestyle changes to be practised in the coming week.

4. Follow up
• Come to the Lord in prayer and ask Him - How did the sermon go? Did I
achieve the goal? How do I know the people understood me? What would I
change if I gave the sermon again? How was my voice projection? How can I
improve on the way I deliver the message?
If we do this after every sermon we ever give, the Lord will meet with you, give you better ideas, improve your methods and bring you to a level of excellence.
• Watch and listen to top preachers. You can also learn from them what to
do and what not to do. Aim to do everything to the best of your ability and
you will be surprised as to what God can do through you. He will bring you
from one level to a higher level and from there yet another level.
• Have a vision. A preacher has a great responsibility to the people whom he or she leads. As a leader you can be a local average leader or you can become a great leader. A great preacher has the ability to enthuse the people to greater heights in changed lifestyles in righteousness, to becoming achievers in their work and lives, to bringing villages or communities out of poverty and to prosperous and happy communities.
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Plan with God. Find out His vision and His steps, His goals, towards that vision He has given you.
In Christ you have everything you ever need, to not only become a great preacher, but to lead your peoples closer to God in every way. Go for it. You can do it.
Questions to think about

  1. Why is waiting on God so-important?
  2. Why is it good to have a structure to your message?
  3. Why is follow up so important
  4. What is your vision?

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