Lecture 8
Discipling and Evangelism

Matthew 28:18-20 from the Revised Standard Version. And Jesus came and said to them, " all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age."
This is the job of the church and this is the promise to the churches who do the job. We are to make a disciple of every member of our church, not just converts. Converts will just sit on their pews getting fat on the Word, but doing little with it, whereas disciples will go out equipped with the Word to reach the world, near and far, for Christ.
As your members become equipped to reach out to others, they too will become church planters and your church will become the mother church of the new church plants, who will also equip their new converts to go out and reach the lost, and to plant yet more churches in Jesus' name.
During 2008, in India alone, we have already planted 5, 042 churches in this way, through 2000 trained Evangelists. It works. We need to be serious. We need to plan, through prayer, how we are to do things then do it.

How to disciple your congregation
1. Plan a course of sermons to build and develop complete training on a weekly basis. Give time for discussion, repentance, testimony, and application at the end of your sermon. Do a follow up in your weekly Bible study to find out how people are getting on with their application of the Sunday sermon. Encourage and help them further in applying the teaching to their everyday lives.
Every sermon should be planned in prayer to bring the congregation step by step, closer to Christ in their application of the teachings in their everyday lives.

2. Outreach outings
I find that outings just to have a good time are for having a good time only. Outreach outings with God's purpose in evangelism, does not just give a good time only, but an excellent and exciting time in Jesus and in what He does.
An evangelistic outing or mission brings the moving hand of God into the sermons taught, in a living and powerful way that transforms the whole church.
In Kenya, I visited a church that looked like they were glued to the pews, with half the church congregation sick. I asked the Lord what to do about it and He showed me.
The first service was to preach the gospel and heal the sick.
The second service was "Take up your pews, we are going to the market".
They looked at me as if I had gone mad. "I mean it" I replied, and they reluctantly obeyed, bringing the loud speaker system with them. At the market we found a suitable spot and set up the speakers, sang a couple of songs, and then I gave the gospel message.
After a short gospel message with the growing crowd, I called the sick forward and Jesus healed them and they gave testimony of their healing. I then made salvation call and over 30 received Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

• Third service
Many from the market turned up and responded to the message, to kneel on the wet floor that was flooding from a rainstorm, to receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
• Fourth service - was to teach a transformed growing church how to go out
into the community, in many different ways, to reach the masses for Jesus,
and the church doubled, then trebled in size in the following weeks.

3 How did Jesus evangelise?
There were no billboards down the streets of Jerusalem saying 'come and hear Jesus at such and such a synagogue' so where did a sick person go for help? The doctor or marketplace. Jesus went to the people in the market place. He went around the villages. He preached from a boat on the Sea of Galilee to the fishermen and tradesmen. He also preached in some synagogues. What happened? People heard Him preach. They saw people getting healed and delivered, and the crowds grew. They followed Him and many, many got saved, healed and delivered. His fame grew and the message went out far and wide. He then sent out His M. disciples, followed by the 70, and then you and me to do the same.
Jesus did not use big buildings or tents or even a Joud speaker system. He simply went and preached anywhere and that's the way we can do it too.
One day, going through a town in Kenya, we stopped to buy a coke when I spotted a lame man sitting on the ground. I went up to him to ask if he would like to receive healing. As I prayed for him, everyone stopped to look at what I was doing, so I offered to pray for any others who were sick, and one by one Jesus healed them. Soon I gave the gospel message to the growing crowd and many of them received Jesu^s as Lord. It all took about 30 minutes. I said goodbye, got into the car and we drove into the next village.

4 Other ways of discipline and evangelism
Some suggestions are - small group discussions and planning during the week, or teaching them a course on evangelism and then doing it within their different
giftings and sending them out in two's. There are also other varied ways to do it.

  • One to one evangelism by using the questionnaire evangelism from lecture
    6. Ask God to show you where your divine appointment is. Drive or walk to
    the area of the town God has told you to go, and look out for the divine
    appointment that the Lord has for you. As soon as you recognise the person
    or persons Jesus has shown you in prayer, go up to them and introduce
    yourself, pray for any sick among them and ask them any of the questions
    Jesus leads you to ask. Share your testimony and gospel message and you
    will be amazed as to what Jesus will do, and the people you will lead to
    Jesus using this method.


  • Door to door is also an effective way of reaching people for Christ, using the
    same questionnaire evangelism, though you may have one or two doors shut
    on you.


  • Coffee mornings

Here you can invite people for a coffee and cake morning at your home, and use a film, DVD or your own testimony to lead them to Jesus.

• Friendship evangelism
Making friends with a non-Christian and showing interest in their hobbies to eventually lead them to Christ.

• Joining sports clubs or various activities
Joining a club of your choice in a sport or hobby will bring you into contact with people, and through friendships, can lead them to Christ as the Holy Spirit leads you.

5. Giving the gospel in 5 minutes
Sometimes one has the chance to witness on buses, trains, in the supermarket, in banks, or on the streets. Here one can give the gospel message effectively in 5 minutes. Bring the conversation round to the spiritual and ask them key questions like, do you believe in heaven? Do you know that you will actually go there? How do you know? Through these 3 questions you will know where they are in Christ and how to present the gospel of what Jesus has done for them through the cross, to then hopefully leading them through the prayer of salvation.

6. Healing on the streets
Healing on the streets is a chosen area of the market place that you go to at the same time every week with a healing banner and some chairs. You invite anyone passing by to come and get prayed for, for any pain or sickness that they might have. Jesus always turns up and heals people in these situations and many receive Jesus and join the church as a result of their miracle healings. This system works in most countries, even in Britain and U.S.A

Questions to think about

  1. Why should you disciple your congregation?
  2. How can you use outings to further your discipleship of your congregation
  3. How did Jesus evangelise
  4. What can you learn from Jesus?


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