Lecture 9

The spiritual realm is very real. When you are purposely going out to witness to the lost, you will come up against spiritual warfare in some way or another, right from the very beginning. It is therefore best to include spiritual warfare in the discipling of your congregation, to prepare them to stand up and take authority in the glorious name of Jesus.

1. Preparation is very important in mass evangelism, village evangelism and right
down to one to one evangelism. Over every nation, town, village or areas, there
are the strongmen, and under the strongmen, the various evil spirits operate.
The strongmen over one nation or city maybe the spirit of unbelief. In Africa,
they are witchcraft, voodoo, ancestral spirits, and marine spirits etc. We first
need to pray these spirits down this can be done by prayer mapping. Here you
have a map of your area, city or village. Lay your hands on this map and pray
down the strongholds. It may be drug abuse, drunkenness and gangs in the
poorer areas.

2. Prayer walking

Once you have prayed, the Lord may lead you to walk round the area once, three times, or even seven times. Obey this as seven times especially has the power to cause the strongmen to come crumbling down. This is very important for your church or just before a crusade. For a whole city it may take a group of intercessors up to a year on a weekly basis of two to three hours. This will eventually clear the atmosphere of these oppressions and an open heaven to come over the place. The area, city or village will then be ripe to hear and respond to the gospel message.
Sometimes the Lord will move in a supernatural way. Once, while in Cameroon, the crusade never happened, so I asked the Pastor from the previous crusade to arrange for us to speak just anywhere, so the Pastor made a few phone calls, one of them to a coastal village. Here the Pastor got very excited as he had a dream of white people coming to help deliver his village of witchcraft and marine spirits, and had told the whole village.
Within 30 minutes we were there, and gave Pastor Emmanuel the battery-operated loudspeaker. He then fode his bicycle round the village calling the people to come to the church as the people he had told were coming, had arrived. We bound every witchcraft and marine spirit down for the 3 days, preached the gospel and prayed for the sick. The Lord moved powerfully.
After this, a lady complained about a lady next door who kept putting curses on her. We told her to go and forgive her, and to give her the gospel. Suddenly Henry stood up and prophesied that there was a lady who kept cursing God's people, and if she did not stop and repent, she would be dead within three days.
The following day there were many healings and salvations, and the lady did go and forgive this lady and give her the gospel. On the third day, Pastor Emmanuel came running to us to say that the lady who put curses on God's people, instead of repenting, went back to the witchdoctor to put more curses on this lady. The witchdoctor was unable to make any more curses due to the spiritual forces having been bound down for 3 days, but this lady was not going to wait. She went to another village and got that witchdoctor to put curses on her, and when she turned to walk back to the village with the curses, she dropped dead.
The death of this unrepentant lady caused a godly fear to come upon the whole village as they saw that, to those who repented, Jesus saved, healed and delivered, but those who chose to walk in their sin, died in their sin. As a result, the entire village accepted Jesus as Lord and saviour.
It was the prayer preparation in conducting spiritual warfare, led by the Holy Spirit that connected us with our supernatural God who did the rest.
In Uganda I spent a full day praying for a crusade for the refugees, and the Lord showed me an open heaven above the town. This turned out to be such a glorious move of God, in such powerful demonstrations of healing of the lame. The deaf and dumb were healed instantly and blind eyes were opened and I marvelled at what I had seen God do. Hundreds became Christians and soon after, were able to return to their villages.

3. Spiritual warfare during the crusade
With disunity among the churches, unbelief, no response, and a heavy rainstorm blowing our way, supernatural faith suddenly rose within me and I said, "If God wants us to have this crusade, just command the rain storm to turn around and leave us in Jesus' name." To all of our utmost surprise, the rainstorm turned around and left, leaving the people in such awe as to the power of God, that suddenly they all believed that Jesus Christ was Lord. The churches united to evangelise, there was repentance and all turned to Jesus. The next day rain was coming in again and they said, "Please don't turn the rain away as we need the rain," so all stood in pouring rain rejoicing in Jesus and not one went home because of the rain, for they had all met Jesus.
The power and authority of Jesus is much, much stronger than any spiritual warfare that comes against us. All we need to do is call on the name of Jesus and take authority against it in Jesus' name, and Jesus himself will fight the battles for you in victory, just as He has done for me every time.
In Nigeria, I was actually attacked by an evil spirit and became unconscious for 5 minutes, but the spirit could not enter me because of Jesus. When I came round, Jesus enabled me to speak with such authority that the church stood up to take authority over those demons, who had kept the whole town back from any progress for many years. The church has grown in the Lord in every way since.
Yes, rise up in Jesus; know the power and authority you have in the powerful name of Jesus, for your victory is in Him,

Questions to think about

  1. Why is preparation so important?
  2. What does prayer walking around an area accomplish?
  3. How do you deal with spiritual warfare?
  4. Explain what an open heaven is.

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