This course has three parts, as follows. Click on each lesson in turn to work through the course, or download the pdf of the whole course to print out

PART ONE: Dare to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 1, Who is the Holy Spirit?

Lesson 2, The Person of the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 3, Why the Holy Spirit is given to us

Lesson 4,  The gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to receive The Holy Spirit.

Lesson 5,  The  Armour of God.

Lesson 6,   The Fruits of the Spirit.

Lesson 7, How to grow and be led in the power of the Holy Spirit for evangelism.

Lesson 8, Bible verses and the power of God
,  Bible verses on how Jesus moved in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Bible verses on how Jesus sends us His Holy Spirit.
Bible verses on how the Holy Spirit moves with man.

Lesson 9, How to lead a Holy Spirit church service and handle manifestations.



Dare to walk in the authority of Jesus

Lesson 10, Jesus authority over nature  and distance.

Lesson 11, Jesus’ authority over sickness and demons.

Lesson 12, Jesus’ authority over sin and death for today.

Lesson 13, Jesus’ authority over time and with us.

Lesson 14, Jesus is all wisdom and knowledge.

Lesson 15, The authority of the name of Jesus is for us today.



How to walk in the love of God

Lesson 16, Learning to walk in the Love of God.

Lesson 17, Walking in God's grace and love.

Lesson 18, Taking your stand on earth.

Lesson 19, The bride of Christ.

Lesson 20, Epilogue


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