Lesson One
Who is the Holy Spirit?

We all live in this earthly temporal realm of time. But the Word of God tells us that believers should be living in another realm, that is the eternal realm, in Christ. There is true safety in Christ's eternal realm as one is within the will of God, under His protection, no matter what the earthly realm may inflict upon ones' body, soul or being. Your spark of life is precious, in God, and is protected beyond all the things of this life, if you position yourself only to live and move in Christ.
Ephesians 2:4,5,6 says,
'But God, who is rich in mercy, for His great love wherewith He loved us, even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) and hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus'.

Ecclesiastes 12:7 speaks of the body returning to the earth from whence it came from and your spirit to God who gave it.
If we know this; that we are sent by God to be born on earth to live here for a while, that we belong to God, just as Jesus was sent by God to live on earth for a while, to redeem mankind.
Because of the fall of man, we were born of the flesh only without God, but once we receive Jesus as Lord we become reborn into eternal life in Him. At this point we have changed realms from the temporal into the eternal. Yet we still live in the temporal realm because we still live in our physical bodies until death separates us to be released fully into the eternal realm, in Christ, but where we can no longer function from the physical temporal realm as we will now be completely with Christ in the eternal spiritual realm for all eternity.
When we come to this realization of who we really are, in Christ, sent by God in Heaven as His sons and daughters to live on earth for a while, there comes another question. Why are we born on earth?
Firstly, it is to make our choice of where we are to spend eternity. Either we choose life and the goodness of God, or we choose death, evil and eternity in hell.
Secondly, once we have made our choice; the right choice and that is Christ, then receive Him as our Lord and Saviour, we become born again, in Him, for this life and all eternity.
Thirdly, this changes our outlook on earth from living for ourselves and for what we can get out of life, but to rather discovering, in Christ, what we can give to the world, how we can affect the world to righteousness and how we ourselves can be used to save the lost and also bring them into the Kingdom of God. Our whole perspective changes and this is where we need the same Holy Spirit that Jesus had living within Him to live in our hearts, minds and bodies too. That we may live within the Holy Spirit as well and live our lives totally led by the power of the Holy Spirit, being comfortable to live within all of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit naturally and effectively.
Any one of us can receive the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit only does the Fathers’ will.
This revelation can mightily change your life and any one of us, no matter how simply we have lived, or even how uneducated we might be, can be powerfully used by the Lord to effect this world of ours.
My own testimony is that of a riding teacher for forty years, living in jodhpurs and boots, mucking out stables, grooming horses and teaching children to ride. I did not look the right candidate for mission work or as a speaker before man and was turned down for the job many times. But God had a different idea about me, He told me to simply spend time with Him in prayer and He Himself would teach me, speak to me and show me how to serve Him effectively and this I did and I became an author of books.
Not only did the Lord show me how to train up rural evangelists, but to give them a bicycle and send them out to remote villages where there are no roads. As people are brought to Christ, more churches are planted.
In the space of only four years God has enabled more than 15,000 evangelists to be trained and sent out. Approximately 20,000 churches have been planted and almost a million people brought into the Kingdom of God. Only God has done this, as He led me, step by step, and is still leading me step by step.
We still earn a living through horses and if you come to our Standlake Equestrian Centre and Ranch you may still see me in jodhpurs and boots teaching children to ride and if you come into our home, you will see our big farm kitchen with a well worn large pine kitchen table, where we do most of our mail outs from. You will meet Wilfred, my husband, a down to earth smiling man full of jokes. Our daughter, a young adult now with her artistic qualities. Our staff, all friendly and down to earth, in work clothes either fixing horse fences, weeding, caring for the Ranch or having a quick coffee break. Normal, yes! Just like you, and you can ask God yourself and He will show you the treasure within your soul and as you unwrap it in prayer, God Himself will show you how to use your gift to the benefit of mankind. Then as you move out in your own unique gifting, you will find more fulfilment and joy than you can even imagine.
‘But where do I even start?’ is probably the next question. Prayer, but how?
Prayer is firstly an attitude of the heart, it’s not just saying prayers, it is more than that. It is an attitude of total love, surrender and hunger for God for who He is, your heavenly Father. It is a pressing through with your whole being right into His glorious presence from the physical realm right into the spiritual realm of His Holy presence, the Holy of Holies. Sometimes this will happen without one word, but a silent attitude of the giving of your love and yourself in adoration, to simply know Him more. You know it when this transition into His presence takes place, as His love will well up inside you and His peace will envelop your whole being. You will feel His love through your whole being and this is when worship really starts. You respond to His love in more and more glorious worship, communication and to the hearing of His voice as He teaches you, encourages you and simply gives of Himself to you His precious child. In this place prayer becomes your home as it is the nearest one can get to heaven while alive on this earth. And, yes, you are still aware of all that is happening around you on the physical realm earth. You can probably hear the different realms of life around you. The birds in their life span, maybe animals in their given world, cats, dogs, horses etc. Then the traffic of human beings rushing around in their cars in yet another realm of life, so much going on.
Music can help you come into Gods’ presence, as music too was given to us by God and is able to crescendo into the heights of worship with you. I believe heaven will be full of music. The Lord gave me a song thirty years ago on top of one of the mountains in the Sinai Desert. I heard it through the blowing sands and it has been our song ever since. Only last week my friend, Pauline, put it to music and played it on her piano and it sounded fantastic. All through these years I never forgot this tune, simply because God Himself gave it to me, I believe it will be our song forever. He can do that for you as well. It may be a song, a place, a flower, anything that is special to both of you... This is all part of your love relationship with God and in the appreciation of His creation.
This relationship you build with God through prayer then becomes your home as well as your spring board into serving Him. This is the most vital and important part of serving Him, for without this you will be so limited to the earthly realm of doing things, and whatever you do manage to do for God will be a small result in comparison.
It is in prayer alone that you come to know God, get equipped by Him, (you have to be equipped spiritually if you are to serve God in the spiritual realm, especially in the areas of healing and deliverance) and then empowered by the gifts of the Holy Spirit to do His work on earth. All nine gifts of the Holy Spirit are supernatural gifts, not one of them is a natural gift. Therefore the nine supernatural gifts are given to us to enable us to walk in the supernatural in every area of our lives, in worship, intellectually as well as physically.
WHO IS the Holy Spirit? God created the heavens and the earth but mankind fell into sin at the fall of man so God sent his only Son, Jesus, to die in our place on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven and we could come back to that place Adam and Eve lived in before they ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But we still live in an evil world, so God has not left His people who have received Him as Lord. He has sent His own Holy Spirit as our Comforter to dwell in our hearts. The Holy Spirit is just as it says, the Holy SPIRIT. The spiritual Person of the Godhead. He dwells in the hearts of all peoples who receive Christ, born again into eternal life, now become sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven and citizens of Heaven. The Person of the Holy Spirit is given to live in our hearts is almost as an engagement ring before marriage, a down payment of our inheritance of eternal life with the Lord.

*Who is the Holy Spirit?
*How can we come from the physical realm into the eternal realm?
*What are the two choices we can make?
*How can we respond to Christ?

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