Lesson 10
Jesus authority over nature and distance

Authority is a higher word than power.A soldier will fight the enemy with power but it takes a commander to take command in the authority that is given to him.He does not have to show power, he commands and expects his commands to be obeyed.This is what Jesus teaches us to do.
Jesus had authority over nature, over distance, over sickness, over demons, over death, over sin and over time.Jesus also has authority with us.If we learn from Jesus, how He had authority over these things, we will learn from Him and He can have authority over these things in our lives.
Mark 4:37-41, show us a wonderful account of Jesus authority over nature.

'And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full. And He was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake Him, and say unto Him, Master,carest thou not that we perish?  And He arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.  And He said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith? And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?

This Scripture caused me to ask the Lord two questions:-

How could He be asleep in such a terrible storm?
Why did He rebuke the disciples?

The Lord answered both questions.
Jesus was asleep at the back of the boat, because He was not afraid of the storm.He was at peace because He lived above the storm.He had fellowship with the Father.He was full of the Holy Spirit, so much so, that He was able to stand up and take command over the storm. And the sea and the waves obeyed Him and there was a great calm.
Jesus rebuked the disciples for their lack of faith because they had been with Him for some time now.They had seen Him heal the sick and cast out demons,yet they remained in unbelief.Jesus would have hoped that they might rise up with him to calm the wind ad the sea but instead they were afraid.
Just like some of us, how big the waves are. How strong the wind is blowing, how big our problems are and our sickness or difficulty.The Lord does not want us to stay in our problems because of lack of faith, but to rise up with Him, above our problems or sickness and take command with Him in the authority of the name of Jesus.
If Jesus teaches us a new thing, He will often test us in what He has taught us.I was on my from Hyderabad to Bhimavaram in India about to get on the plane when up on the television screen came,
“Devastating cyclone Kwaimut is ravaging through Andre Pradesh leaving devastating damage”.
I looked up at the map showing on the screen to see that the storm was heading straight for Bhimavaram.I got on the plane, landed, got picked up by the team and we drove straight to Bhimavaram, had supper and went to bed.At 1.30 am. I was awakened to the heaviest rain, thunder and lightning I had ever experienced and realised that the cyclone was upon us.I began to call out to God and say that it would ruin the whole crusade that I had come for, all that was to be held outside.
“Lord help! Lord it has cost so much money to hold this crusade, only you can stop the cyclone, please Lord stop the cyclone!”
 Then I remembered that Jesus rebuked His disciples when He commanded the storm to cease and then He said to me, “Take authority!
 “But Lord, it’s a cyclone!”
 “Take authority!” He repeated.
So I stood up and began to pray differently, I spoke to the cyclone and said, “Cyclone Kwaimut, I command you in the name of Jesus to turn round and go out to sea in Jesus name! I speak to you spirits behind the storm, stop in Jesus name!I bind you down in Jesus name”.
I carried on praying, by taking command in the authority of Jesus name, and after some time, the Lord spoke again and said,
 “The cyclone will be gone by 6.00 am”.
 “Thank you Lord!”And I fell asleep.
I overslept, it was 8.00 am. And it was a beautiful calm day.I rushed to put my clothes on, raced downstairs and asked them, “
When did the cyclone stop?”
“6.00 am”. they replied,
“I asked another, just to make sure.“6.00 am!”
God had answered our prayers, my prayers and the prayers of the pastors, and had made an 'L' shaped turn and had gone out to sea.Cyclones do not normally take 'L' shaped turns- they go straight!The result of this miracle, is that we hada wonderfulthree days of miracle crusades where over 100,000 people attended, the best of all of them so far!

Jesus authority over distance

In Luke 7:6-10 we read,
'Then Jesus went with them. And when He was now not far from the house, the centurion sent friends to Him, saying unto him, Lord, trouble not thyself: for I am not worthy that thou shouldest enter under my roof:  wherefore neither thought I myself worthy to come unto thee: but say in a word, and my servant shall be healed.  For I also am a man set under authority, having under me soldiers, and I say unto one, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it'.

The Lord has the same authority over distance today, and I would like to share threeexamples from my own ministry because they happened in three stages of faith.
The first happened in Bala, Kenya on Wednesday 28 Nov. 2001.It was our very first crusade called, “The fire over Kenya conference.”The bishop had brought back an army General for supper.He had nothing to do with the conference, but after hearing us talk about Jesus, the General decided to receive Jesus for himself.So we prayed for him.He then told us about his sick wife dying of tuberculosis. She could not stand up or speak, or even sit up, but just slept all the time.I offered to go with him to pray for her but he said it was too dark, but could we pray for her by laying hands on him instead as proxy.We laid hands on him in prayer for her and he left for home.
On Saturday 1st December at the crusade, this army General arrived with a testimony, and we gave him the microphone.He told them how he had received Jesus as Lord at the bishop’s house, and how he had asked us to pray for his wife who had tuberculosis.Then he said as he was nearing his house, he thought he saw his wife coming towards him, but could not believe his eyes! Then coming closer to his amazement, he really saw her and heard her shout,
“I am healed a 100% healed, I am so happy!”
 God had healed her over distance.
The secondtime was in India, at a crusade in November 2009, when the Lord told me to preach on the centurion servant, “Jesus authority over distance”.(You may order this DVD taken of this crusade if you would like one).While I preached the message; it came to the time when I pray for the sick.I saw that these Indian people had mobile phones and some of them began to ring up their sick relatives back home and some of them repeat,
“Jesus can heal over distance, so I am phoning you to lay hands on your sickness now, and the Christian God will heal you”.We said the prayer:-“Receive your healing in Jesus name”.Suddenly, people were running up waving their mobile phones in the air! So we let them up onto the platform.They testified of their relatives back home for they had received their healing by Jesus, over their mobile phones!All this was going out on national television.This resulted in twenty leaders and Hindu priests phoning in to receive Jesus as Lord.
They said, “Your Christian God is the real God because He can heal over distance!”
The third testimony, of Jesus healing over distance, is now almost a daily part of our ministry.With 261 Bible Schools spread over countries in Africa and Asia, it is totally impossible to visit them all, along with manycrusades our leaders do.But God has shown me a better way than all the travel.
I now use telephone to teach our Bible schools in other countries. I do graduations over the phone, and speak to many crusades of up to 3,700 people at a time. All this is done byphone.The Lord does it every time.He waits for our little voice to say, “Be healed in Jesus name,” and within a minute or two many receive their healing, not sometimes, but every time.Not just headaches and sore tummies, but the crippled, the deaf, the blind, and even two disabled people have been healed by a phone call!
I was graduating our Bible schools in Uganda in September 2011 by telephone, when Edward told me we have to stop the graduation because of heavy rain as the graduation is being held outside in the rain.I told Edward, “well, let's take authority over the rain then, and pray that the rain stop, in Jesus name.”So we prayed that the rain would stop in Jesus name, and immediately, all the rain stopped and we were able to carry on with this graduation and crusade.As a result, 164 people in this graduation/crusade accepted Jesus as Lord, because they saw the Lord's authority over nature (the rain), as well as the Lord's authority over distance (prayer prayed from England to stop the rain.)
Jesus is the Authority over distance and His miracles extend into today’s time, all we need to do is to take authority over distance, in Jesus name, and HE WILL DO IT.I get so excited, Jesus teaches us in steps, He takes us level by level to where He can use us most effectively.It does not matter, if he has not done it that in the same way as before.Let Him use you in something new and different like He had done with me.

*Why was Jesus asleep at the back of the boat?
*Why did Jesus rebuke His disciples?
*Why does Jesus want us to rise up in Him to take authority?
*What happens when we pray and speak with authority?


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