Lesson 16
Learning to walk in the love of God


  Clayton Jacobs lives in Humansdorp, a small town near Port Elizabeth in South Africa.  He had had water on his brain and went into a deep coma for two years.  The doctors had given up hope for him to ever come out of it and if he did he would be paralysed for life.  His parents, both Christians would not hear of it and brought Clayton home where they kept him alive by feeding him on a drip.  They then heard that I had come to port Elizabeth to preach, so they asked Reverend Alan Stansbury to bring me over to their home to pray for him.
  Alan took me to their home and I prayed for Clayton, but nothing happened.  I could not imagine anything worse than to be in a position like Clayton.  He could not move even one muscle in his body except his eyeballs, which followed you as you prayed him.
  I literally cried all the way back to Port Elizabeth and cried out to God,

“Please Lord, let me never leave a child in that condition again, because of my lack of faith.  Please Lord give me more faith”. 

  Returning to England, I still prayed for Clayton, while getting on with the rest of my life, whilst an email arrived from Reverend  Alan Stansbury,

Dear Suzanne, you will be thrilled to hear this.  Do you remember Clayton Jacobs and his mother Wilma at Humansdorp, who you prayed over?  Clayton was almost like a vegetable, and you were so upset that there was no response to the prayer. That man is perfectly restored, he is going to a primary school and is obviously a bit behind in his years.  The only deficiency that can be seen is a pair of spectacles.  His brain and his body that can be seen is just perfect.  Isn’t the Lord good!  So Suzanne, keep on with the Lord, that is all I can say.  You have come such a long way with him. What a joy to see how the Lord can minister in wonderful ways through you, ever your brother in Christ,
Alan Stansbury.
  I was then to find out that exactly seven days after I had prayed for Clayton, he suddenly sat up and talked - perfectly healed!
  In April 2010, I had the privilege of going to meet Clayton whilst visiting my mother and ministering again in Port Elizabeth.  Alan Stansbury took me out to see him and I filmed him (the DVD on Clayton is available if you order one).  It was now two years after his miracle healing and Clayton gave us his testimony.  He ran around the house for us, blew his trumpet and showed us that indeed he was 100% healed!  He wants to become a pastor when he is older!  It was meeting Clayton a second time, that made me ask the Lord about this miracle healing. 

What did I do wrong, Or right?
Why was Clayton healed and others not healed?
Did anything make the difference?
The Lord showed me the shortest sentence in the Bible found in  John 11:35,
'Jesus wept'.
That was just before Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. And verse 36 says,

'then said the Jews, behold , how they loved him!'

Then the Lord said to me,
“it is love that makes things happen. Love that makes one go the extra mile, to never give up”.
And the greatest love of all is John 3:16,17,

 'For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved'.
  This is the greatest love the world has ever known, but love for others is not always easy for us to comprehend or move into for it is different from how our world around us functions.  Only spending time in the Lord’s presence can give you the love and compassion needed to really do the Lord’s work effectively. 
  While trying to evaluate my own ministry work, I came to realise that I certainly didn’t have compassion or love for everyone I prayed for.  In fact, it would be very difficult to have love or the compassion for the many people I do pray for.  How can I solve that one?  I then realised that this had nothing to do with me or how I prayed for them, but rather how yielded I was to God’s love and God’s miracle love to heal them, for it is God alone who does it.
  God's love gives you the compassion for that certain person or people.  His love causes you to leave the comfort of home to go to far off  lands to preach the gospel.  In John 21:15-18 three times Jesus asks Peter, 'Do you love me?”, and when Peter said, 'yes', the Lord said, 'Feed My sheep'.
  This was not just to put right the fact that Peter denied Jesus prior to Jesus' crucifixion, but also an indicator that the more we love Jesus, the more  Jesus can pour out His love through us.


*What does God's love enable us to do?
*What does our love for God enable us to do?
*What can we do if we realise we lack compassion for someone?
*The more we love Jesus, the more Jesus can pour out His love through you – discuss this.


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