Lesson 9
How to lead a Holy Spirit church service and handle manifestation

Being an interdenominational speaker for many years in various different countries, I will share with you what I have learnt from my own experiences. You can also read other books for the theory.
Every denomination has its own routine and style, as a speaker, we need to submit to the pastor, priest or leader and follow their routine and style and yet give the Holy Spirit as much freedom as possible during your timespan as speaker to bring the congregation forward gently from where they are, closer to the Lord.
If you are handling your own church service you are much freer, and the first thing I always do is start with prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to take control of the whole meeting. You may have a structured, or loosely structured service, and the Holy Spirit is often able to move along and through it. But at other times, The Holy Spirit may want to do something else with the congregation, and you may have to change what you had planned to rather flow with what the Holy Spirit is doing.
I will never forget how our Anglican church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, came into the charismatic revival. I was a very new Christian at the time, and joined St. Nicholas in Chalo. Brian was the vicar. One Sunday evening, right in the middle of the service, the Lord told Brian to leave the service and go out of the church. He obeyed, telling us what the Lord had told him to do and went outside.
We stared at each other – What now”?
When the Holy Spirit prompted one of the congregation to go up to the lectern and she gave us a word from God and went to sit down. Then the Holy Spirit prompted another person to go up, and through several different people the Lord was speaking powerfully to us in preparation of something new. By this time, Brian had come back into the church and was watching all this from the back row. We carried on after the word from God in prayer and worship, when the Holy Spirit came down on each one of us and people began to burst out in tongues, others interpretation, yet others in prophecy. Then we just worshipped on our knees in glorious silence as no one wanted to go home.
From this time St. Nicholas was totally transformed. Every service was so exciting as the Holy Spirit took control with Brian totally yielded and obedient to the Holy Spirit. We saw healing miracles, many new people came in and received Christ and soon we had to have more services to accommodate everyone. Christmas came, and the midnight service brought so many people that we filled up the isles, behind the lectern, and another couple of hundred were left outside because they could not fit in. They congregated around the door and open windows.
Holy communion time came, “We have a problem”, said Brian.
“How are we to minister holy communion when there is no room to move?”
But the Holy Spirit had that sorted too. We all gave communion one to another so that even those outside were able to participate.
I never wanted to miss one service or I would miss out on something the Lord had done and very soon most of the churches were flowing in this wonderful revival. Port Elizabeth went from 15% church goers to 80% in two years.
This revival has never left me, I am still flowing in it. That first excitement and love for Jesus is still within me and I will never let go. I love to flow in the glorious move of the Holy Spirit. These first seven years at St Nicholas prepared me for my life and then I moved to St Saviour's Anglican church in Westerink under David Scott, assisted by Alan Stansbury. David trained me as a lay minister and youth leader and sent me to the townships once a week to feed the older people and to speak to them about Jesus. During this time the revival continued and from this time on I began to be invited to speak in many different churches.
During Holy Spirit led services, the Holy Spirit often comes down on the people causing them to kneel, weep, and repent. People can be healed whilst sitting in their seats, or people will just sit quietly and enjoy the glorious peaceful presence of the Lord. Sometimes people, who are healed, will testify of their healing and run around the church demonstrating what God has done for them which causes great excitement and praise to the Lord. The Holy Spirit always manifests in a way that is right and acceptable to the people, He always brings glory to God.
One thing that puts some churches off from flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit is when they have had a bad experience with the counterfeit spirit. This is the spirit that pretends to be the Holy Spirit but is not. This spirit is sent to divide, hurt and destroy the work of the Holy Spirit of God. Discernment is now very important, we must discern what spirit it is and how to deal with it. The counterfeit spirit will cause the people to move in the flesh rather than in the Holy Spirit and will manifest accordingly. Any manifestations that are ungodly need to be rooted out immediately and stopped. Screaming continually, uncontrollable shaking, roaring etc. is not from the Holy Spirit. These people need to be taken to another room and counselled.
Speaking in tongues, interpretation and prophecy that is in line with Scripture is of the Holy Spirit. People being healed, set free or brought to repentance is of the Holy Spirit. People being filled with His love, joy and peace is of the Holy Spirit. People kneeling or lying on their faces in worship and adoration is of the Holy Spirit. These are the manifestations that are to be encouraged in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Lord wants all of us to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit in all these different ways.

*Manifestations, the counterfeit spirit to be avoided – discuss.
*Manifestations of the Holy Spirit should be encouraged – discuss.
*How do you deal with the counterfeit spirit? Discuss.
*How do you encourage the true manifestations of the Holy Spirit? Discuss.

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