Lecture Two

A.      The Actual Visits

This will depend on your gifting, your reception, the locality.
This will direct you in what method you use to reach them.

If they are refugees, having relocated into this new area, it may be well to simply pray round the villages first as directed by the Lord.  Often praying round a village or area of your first crusade, 7 times round, will break down all the strongholds in the spiritual realm; after this you may enter the village.  There are then different ways of reaching the people.

  1. Visit them home by home to make personal contact and friendship, then invite them to a small crusade.  (This may not be in the first visits.)
  2. Bring aid, or clothing, or a meal at a crusade where they stay after the crusade for a meal.
  3. The bold approach for villages open to hear the Word; ask them to bring the sick.  Once they see the healings are real, they will want to hear the Gospel and respond
  4. One can also preach the Word first, then pray for salvations and then the sick last.  This is for receptive villages who are open to hear and respond to the Gospel.  At present I find most villages in Africa and the Far East ready and open to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus.


B.      People who accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour

  1. Take down their names and arrange straight away a meeting for follow-up, ideally the following weekend, either at the same venue or wherever you have already arranged for it.
  2. Arrange with someone in the village or within the ones who have accepted Christ who can read, to read the Bible to them in a central place once or twice a week or even daily, give this person a Bible to read to them
  3. Also take note of the ones healed and from what and do a follow-up x-ray, medical report etc to confirm the healing
  4. Arrange with the chief and /or people the date and time of your next visit

C.      At the Crusade

  1. Call up some of the ones healed to share their testimony of healing
  2. Counsel the new believers to pray daily and how to pray, to read the Bible or make arrangements to meet and to hear the Bible read to them.
  3. To share with one another or someone else what Jesus has done for them which helps to reaffirm their new found faith
  4. Thank the Lord with them in prayer and praise the Lord in song
  5. Arrange the time and place of the next visit before closing



For you to think about

  1. Name 4 different ways of visiting the villages
  2. How do you deal with the new believers
  3. How do you arrange for follow up
  4. How do you arrange for the next visit


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