Foundations of the Faith

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About the Author and Foreword
Suzanne's ministry Step Out in Faith has grown into an International Bible School for the rural parts of Africa and the Far East, as well as a Bicycle Ministry that plants churches in the most remote villages

Lesson 1 - Do Not Limit God
Is the Lord preparing us for revival right now?

Lesson 2 - Rise up to your potential and calling
It is a known fact that most people only use 5% of their brain potential. It is also the same spiritually. Most people barely live 5% of their potential and calling in Christ.

Lesson 3 - The Power of The Cross
The very first miracle of Jesus was turning water into wine...

Lesson 4 - The Kingdom of God is at Hand
The Old Testament is looking forward to something wonderful happening...

Lesson 5 - The Gift of Righteousness
What is righteousness?

Lesson 6 - The Power of Prayer

Prayer is communion with God.

Lesson 7 - The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer is the greatest prayer on earth.

Lesson 8 - Equipped to serve
We are called by God to serve Him. Many are called but few are chosen...

Lesson 9 - The Spiritual Realm and the Holy Spirit
In Uganda I experienced the power of God in a new way when I saw, with my own eyes, the Holy Spirit moving in healing power. 300 people were healed within 2 minutes.

Lesson 10 - The Blessings of Obedience
We all struggle with distress, problems or difficulties in life...

Lesson 11 - How to Receive and Flow in the Anointing
It took the pains of childbirth for a person to be born into this world. It took the pains of Jesus suffering on the cross for a person to be reborn into eternal life.

Lesson 12 - Stepping Out in Faith

How many of us ask the Lord the same? Please increase our faith!

When completed all the above, take the test.


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