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Foundations Course

(28 minutes)

Discipleship Certificate Course

(15 mins)

Derek Prince Ministries

Talks relating to our course
(15 mins)

"Dare to Step Out in Faith"

(15 mins)

1 Filled without Measure 1 To Abide in Him  

1 and 2:How to rise up to your full potential and calling

Part 1 ... Part 2

2 The Power of the Cross 2 Entering the Presence of God Curses: Cause and Cure

3 to 5: the Power of the Cross

Part 1 ... Part 2 ... Part 3

3 The Kingdom of God is at Hand 3 How to Dwell in God's Presence  

6 and 7: The Kingdom of God is at Hand

Part 1 ... Part 2

4 The Spiritual Realm 4 For Him to Dwell in Us Exchange at the Cross

8 to 10: The Gift of Righteousness

Part 1 ... Part 2 ... Part 3

5 The Power of Prayer 5 Walk in the Light of His Presence   11: The Power of Prayer
6 Authority in Prayer 6 Divine Communication God's Medicine Bottle 12: The Lord's Prayer
7 Step Out In Faith 7 How to Hear God   13: Equipped to Serve
8 Equipped to Serve 8 Reflections with Music and Scripture Spiritual Warfare 14: The Spiritual Realm and the Holy Spirit
9 Rise up to Your Full Potential 9 To be Chosen by Him   15: The Blessings of Obedience
10 The Blessings of Obedience 10 To be Loved by God The Holy Spirit in You 16: How to receive and flow in the anointing
11 True Freedom 11 New Life in Him   17: Stepping Out in Faith
12 Anointng 12 Worship in Spirit and Truth    
13 The Lord's Prayer - India 13 Rejoice in Him    
14 The Gospel Message in Ghanaian Village      

If you have read the notes and listened to these talks, now take the exam

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