Evangelism based on the Biblical pattern.

Matthew 24:3-12 is already coming true in our time and most of the prophesies in scripture have already come to pass. We need to get our Ministries as effective as possible as we surely are in the last days.
Jesus only used 12 disciples and a few other chosen apostles to bring most of the known world of that time to Christ.  From these the church became established and the message of which Jesus accomplished on the cross reached many millions of people and spread worldwide as history unfolded itself.

Today it is the remote villages and the centres of Hinduism, Buddhism and the encroaching religion of Islam that is still unreached. 

How do we reach them? The last words Jesus said before He ascended to Heaven was "Go and make disciples of all nations and lo I am with you to the end of the age.’’

1) He said make disciples not converts so that is our first aim.  Making disciples is a very unique calling.
2) Christianity claims that all men are in a desperate need due to sin, sickness and death and Jesus is THE ONLY ANSWER.
3) We need to witness with a determined aim, as Christ directs our methods through His Holy Spirit.
4) The responsibility to share our faith with others is with each believer of Christ, we need to share our faith with our family, relatives, friends, neighbours, and strangers as well as to support evangelists or even go ourselves.

What methods can we use?

1) Oral preaching  The supreme method of all time, Acts 2.14, Acts 5.42, Acts 8.4, Acts 13.5, Acts 28.31 and 1Tim 2.7, 2Tim 1.11, 4.2 and 1Cor 1.17.  Jesus preached on the mountainside, on the lake, at the well, in the market place as well as in the synagogues.

2) Strategic centres The Disciples preached first in Jerusalem, then Capernaum, then Antioch, Ephesus, Corinth and Rome.  These have start a Centre and branch out from there into the surrounding areas.

3) How often Paul had successive circuits, a systematic covering of places he preached in.  He did two things in His visits; he visited the groups of converts for encouragement, teaching and oversight and the proclaiming the gospel to the unsaved.  Act 8.14-25, 22-26, 15-36.

4) Social interaction Jesus witnessed to Nicodemus, the woman at the well, Zacchaeus, the rich young ruler, the wedding feast at Cana, Simon the Pharisees dinner and to Mary and Martha in Bethany.

5) Literature, letter writing the four Gospels were written for us, The Epistles were letters to the churches and individuals over a distance.  Today we have e-mail, Skype, telephones, mobiles where we can text them and websites where we can upload our teachings that can be downloaded anywhere.

6) Training of National Workers Paul selected and trained Timothy and Titus and encouraged them to do the same.  71 Tim 2.2. We need to do the same, raise up and train national evangelists and you can multiply your work many 100 folds.  We need to multiply evangelists not just a mere addition.
Training National Workers has made our small Ministry into what it is today by the Lords Guidance.  When He told me to reach every village in Uganda, I replied ‘’impossible even in 5 lifetimes.’’  The Lord said ‘’I will show you how’’ and showed me 50 evangelists ready to go.  But they had no training and no transport.  It was just too far to walk 50 kilometres.  If only they had some training and a bicycle.
This was the beginning.  Through Pastor Blanco in the Philippines who through a word from God to give me the materials for our Bible Schools and a few horse shows we were able to send out our first 50 evangelists on the 22 bicycles we were able to raise funds for and these evangelists planted 50 churched within a few months.

7) Results: for the 12 disciples and few apostles the known world was reached.  So far in our small ministry:


Number of evangelists trained













Why has training of National evangelists been so successful?

1) Nationals know their own culture and language of the people.
2) Nationals know the best ways of reaching their people for Christ.
3) Nationals have the fitness to walk the many miles.
4) Nationals are used to the extreme heat and humidity.
5) Nationals can eat the common foods of the people without getting sick.
6) Nationals can live in the same conditions of the people with no air conditioning.
7) Nationals can do the same job as Westerners at a fraction of the costs.

Nationals also have first knowledge of the spiritual realm in from witch doctors, voodoo priests, marine spirits, Hindu gods, etc.  They therefore receive the God of Love, forgiveness, healing and eternal life with great appreciation and joy.  They receive Jesus with such faith and joy and become so full of the Holy Spirit that they are able to become fiery and very effective evangelists.  The quality of this conversion and training is therefore transferred to the remote villages they reach, often covering vast areas and canvasing thousands to come to Christ.
The Nationals we have trained have mostly gone out totally dedicated to the job.  When we could no longer provide bicycles due to the large numbers of graduates, I told them that one day in heaven we would lower our crowns at the feet of Jesus and that the crowns were ‘our lives given for Jesus.’  All 1,200 graduates stood up and shouted ‘‘Jesus is worth walking for, Jesus is worth walking for, Jesus is worth walking for.’’
The swollen and bleeding feet of our evangelists, who have walked for miles for the gospels sake humbles me.  I wonder who is teaching who?  Their examples speak volumes. 
Read 2 Timothy chapters 1-4 for the full Biblical advice that Paul gives Timothy. 

Christ’s earthly life and labours shows him training His disciples for their future work.  Here his disciples reached out beyond Israel to Greece and Rome and from these through the followers that the disciples reached, to the large company of appointed labourers in every succeeding age.
Each life like that of Jesus had within them the abiding inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit as well as the permanent model of service.  They were filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit in their sermons, councils and operations.  I believe that God intended the inspired record of the first generation mission activity to be a sample for every succeeding generation.  The New Testament method is by far the safest, best and most practical way of evangelism and when we put the New Testament methods into practice success is guaranteed, even in today’s world of advanced technology.

Raising up Evangelists

Teaching converts and raising them up as evangelist was one of the important parts of Paul’s work.  He did this alongside preaching to the lost.
Paul started at the beginning by training the first converts to become disciples.  He taught them to rely on the Holy Spirit which is their source of strength.  Paul never over taught them.  He only taught them what they really needed to know.  His teaching was totally Christ centred and Holy Spirit inspired teaching.  To take example of Paul’s teaching, study this chart below:



1 Peter


Put off and Put on 3.8-9

New Creation 4.22-24

New Birth 1.22-25

New Birth 1.18

New Creation 3.10-115

Put off and Put on 425 -517

Put off and Put on 2.1-10

Put off ad Put on 1.21

Word 3.16-17

Spirit 5.18-20

Spirit 2.11, 4.12-14

Word 1.22-27

Submit yourselves 3.18-22

Submit yourselves 5.21-6.9

Submit Yourselves 213.3-7

Submit Yourselves 4.7a

Watch and Pray 4.2-6

Stand resist 6.10-17

Watch 4.7

Resist 4.7b

Stand 4.12

Watch and Pray 6.18

Stand resist 5.8-12





Adapted from Davies 1967 p. 111-146.

This was taught to Nationals and was not academic but life changing and dynamic.  The students also took part in the work under the direction of the disciples or Apostles.  They would train them in the practical work of evangelism and then leave them to it.  This forced them to depend on the Holy Spirit for power and guidance.  We need to trust our graduates to the Holy Spirit who will enable them to plant churches without our personal oversight.
In our ‘’School of Evangelism’’ we only teach them what is absolutely necessary for their work.  These courses are run in churches, homes, sheds, or even under mango trees,
 as to cause no expense in hiring facilities.

We cover the following:
1) Prayer: 12 lessons on coming into God’s presence and hearing from him.
2) Obedience: 12 lessons on hearing God and only doing His will.
3) Foundation of the faith: 12 lessons on the cross and all that it covers.
4) Walking in Power, Authority, and Love in the Power of the Holy Spirit: 20 lessons
5) Village Evangelism: How to evangelise 10 lessons
6) Pastoral Duties and Care: 8 lessons on how to grow a church and minister in the different areas.
7) Methods of evangelism and orphanage work.
8) Life changing Spiritual power by Derek Prince on 6 books covering: 1) The Divine Exchange 2) Spiritual Warfare 3) Blessings and Curses 4) The Holy Spirit 5) Gods Medicine Bottle 6) How to study the Bible.
9) Practical evangelism and teaching them to read and write so they can read the Bible.  Plus simple arithmetic and how to handle money.
10) Personal evangelism and a Godly character are of utmost importance.

Once they have completed the course and passed the multiple choice exams, they are awarded the ‘’Evangelists Certificate ‘’ and are sent out to plant churches.  Apart from a bible to those who do not have one and in extreme cases, a bicycle, they are not supported in any way.  They have to support themselves from the start through a job or farming they own crops.  Due to this, the Bible School is run only one full day a week in most cases.
Once they have graduated they will carry on with their jobs or farming skills and evangelise one or two days a week only.  After they have planted between one to three churches they will become full time to live from tithe offerings of either money or food from their new congregations.
The teaching they have learnt will now be taught in their new church plants and new bible schools will arise from the church which again will graduate the new students and send them out.  This is being repeated many times over causing about 20,000 new bush churches to be planted each year altogether in the 18 countries we work in.  If one adds up 20,000 churches with about 100 new believers in each of them means that about 2 million new converts come to Christ each year.  The country has now become self-sufficient taking ownership of the ‘Schools of Evangelism’ and church planting.  We will then hand over the printing of the certificates to the Head Leader who will also oversee his supervisors and Bible School teachers.  He will also arrange conferences, which the evangelists and pastors of the new church plants can attend for further teaching encouragement, keeping to the truth and fellowship.
The churches these evangelists have planted are completely indigenous, with no paid pastor.  The churches use their own money and finances.  All the fruit and progress is from within the church and all the believers are equipped for service.  This produces a multitude of workers because they go on practicing what they hear and learn.  These indigenous churches are established on an indigenous basis on indigenous costs and they control the churches with no demand on any external support except encouragement through the visit of the leader or through phone calls.

In our Ministry I would visit the country yearly for one, two or three years to choose the right leader, train him and get the Bible schools established in that country.  Once the leader was equipped and doing the job, the visits would be replaced by phone calls instead.  I would also teach the students by phone once or twice a year during their training.  I also would preach the gospel message with the pastor doing the interpretation to unreached villages, pray them through the salvation prayers and then pray for the sick which the Lord heals every time.  This is often enough for a new church plant and gets the evangelist equipped to preach the Gospel message and pray for the sick himself.

Some of our more trained evangelists will go to the chief to ask permission to bring healing to the peoples.  The answer is always yes.  They then gather the village peoples into a central place and pray for the sick, which the Lord  heals instantly in most cases.  The Evangelist then asks the healed people to give testimony of their healing.  Some of these healings would already have been seen by the people, as lame people get up and walk or the blind suddenly see.

The Evangelist then asks the people  ‘’Would you like to know how this is done’’?  The answer is always yes.  The evangelist now has legal permission to present the gospel message and ask if any would like to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.  The people having seen the Power of God and now heard of the Love and power of a Living God will normally say yes and willingly pray the sinner’s prayers and ask for the evangelists to keep coming back.  The result is a new church is planted, sometimes that very day.  This is the easiest form of evangelism.  God told me years ago ‘’don’t limit me let me be God.’’  This way of evangelism allows God to be God.

The Evangelist can plant one, two or three churches this way and then ends up pastoring the new church plants as there are no trained pastors to do the job.  It is therefore important to include into our courses Village Evangelism and Pastoral duties and care.  Pastoral care will also include how to grow the church and train each member as disciples as some of the village members will become evangelists or even the village pastor which further frees the original evangelists to reach out further, along with training more evangelists to go with him.  Most new village church plants also end up with a Bible School of evangelism as well.  The churches are vibrant and the good news of Jesus just spreads further and further into more and more unreached villages.

These churches prove that the peoples do not live by education or even in social progress, but on the word of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit.


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