Discipling new Christians

When you have new Christians coming into your church it is very important to disciple them and to do it well with good teaching and mentoring.
Here is a suggestion for you  as to a method for discipling the new converts in your church.  We hope and trust that it will be helpful to you.
The Derek Prince book that you were given with the Bible School material has an excellent Self Study Bible Course in the back,  beginning from Page 264 to 431.
If you were to photocopy the pages, it is 83 A4 pages.
This could be given to a leader or one of the Bible School students who could go through this with the new Christians in a group.
The leader would put the question to the  group and then read out the scripture reference. The leader would need to allow much discussion as to what the right answer would be.
The leader or Bible School student who is taking the group would need to have a Bible for reading out all the Scripture references, they would need to read out for all the questions.
This will be a time where the leader will hear wrong thinking that many of the new Christians will have and he or she will need to bring back into focus  the Scripture reference even reading it out again several times until all can hear just what the Scripture says and then the right answer can be  found together as a group.
This course has all the basic things of Christianity that a new Christian needs to learn about, The Word of God, God’s plan of salvation, Water baptism, the Holy Spirit, worship and prayer, healing for our bodies, witnessing, finances.etc.....
It is very good material and will help a new Christian to have a good foundation to their Christian life. A good foundation is the only way to grow strong Christians who God can then use for the furthering of His Kingdom. If the foundation is crooked or has untruths in it, this affects all that is subsequently taught to this person so this is why the foundation and beginning to a Christians walk in life is so very important.
Have a look at the material and see what you think. We encourage all Pastors to photocopy this self study Bible course from the Derek Prince book with finances from their church offerings, maybe make 4 copies and keep them as Church property so they can be used year after year for discipling new Christians as they come into the church as a result of the outreaches with the Bible School students yearly.

In Jesus last words to His disciples as He left this earth He said “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Teaching them to observe everything I have commanded.”
To disciple someone means teaching them the things Jesus has commanded and this Derek Prince course does just that, it goes over all the basic things a new Christian needs to learn.

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