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We are re-formatting our Bible School resources, and when complete they will appear here. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please use the older formats available here.

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Introduction Click here   xxx  
Dare to Enter His Presence Click here   xxx  
Dare to Step Out in Faith Click here   Click here  

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

xxx   xxx  
Dare to do Only the Father's Will Click here   Click here  
Dare to Walk in Power, Authority and Love Click here   Click here  
Village Evangelism Click here   xxx  
Pastoral Duties and Care Click here   xxx  
Life Changing Spiritual Power (Derek Prince) Questions & Answers   xxx  
Course answers (pdf only): Village Evangelism Pastoral Duties and Care  

Additional Resources:

How our Bible Schools run
How to run a Bible School
Technology and Evangelism
Module Tests and Answers
Application Form



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