'Step Out In Faith Bible School Of Evangelism' is now registered with the Government of India and the 'United Bible University Of India', who presented us with a certificate of recognition.
In January 2008 our first 224 students graduated in India. Then a further 3,000 evangelists graduated in 2008 and planted 10,000 churches within the year and reached half a million for Christ, 9,266 students graduated in 2009 and almost 20,000 more students have requested training to become evangelists in 2010.

After training in "Step Out In Faith Bible School Of Evangelism", the graduates then go out as evangelists to reach every village of theirbikes given area for the Lord. These evangelists need bicycles because many villages have no roads .

In 2005, 22 bicycles helped to plant 54 Churches.
In 2006, 100 bicycles helped to plant 233 Churches.
In 2007, 200 bicycles helped to plant 458 Churches.
In 2008, 1,000 bicycles helped 3000 evangelists plant 10,000 Churches.
In 2009, 917 bicycles helped 9,266 evangelists plant 9,500 Churches.

As we were unable to raise 3,000 bicycles for 2008 we had to move the goal posts to give a bicycle only to those who were over 60 years old, or those with extreme needs for a bicycle. We are so grateful to Derek Prince Ministies (Asia Pacific) who donated a Derek Prince book to each graduate.

With growth like this we are faced with quite a challenge.
The Lord told me not to limit Him. If we are to reach every village with the gospel within 5 years, then we have to think big. £79 will equip the evangelist with a bicycle, megaphone and 2 Bibles for Africa. Who would have thought of reaching thousands with just a bicycle? Only God.bikes
The result is, that without a bicycle an evangelist can plant one church a year, but with a bicycle he can plant three churches a year. This makes a big difference.

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