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Dare to Enter His Presence - Urdo

This book is full of quotations from the Bible. Suzanne Pillans uses them to teach us about prayer, or rather, shares with us what she has learnt from her deep knowledge of the words of the Bible. She is passionate about our need to approach Christ ever more closely, to commune with him, and ever increase our love for him and our obedience to his teaching. She shares what this closeness to God has meant in her own life. A life of healing and anointing in His name, and following His direction. She teaches that God has made us wonderful promises, we need to come close to Him, so that we can claim these promises.

Paperback Price: £5.99 Publisher:New Wine Press Published:Spring 2003 ISBN:1-903-72525-9

Dare to do Only the Father's Will

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Dare to Follow

Paperback Price: £5.99 Publisher:New Wine Press Published:Spring 2003 ISBN:1-903-72525-9

This book, which is the story of Suzanne's walk with God, reveals something of is faithfulness to those who are will to follow Him in wholeheartedly obedience. I believe this book will challenge and inspire you to go further with God than you haqve ever gone. I hope it leads you into and adventure of faith yourself" Clive Corfield Sovereign Ministries UK

The Biblical Approach to Basic Horsemanship

Paperback Price: £5.99 Publisher:New Wine Press Published:Spring 2003 ISBN:1-903-72525-9

An easy to understand approach to sound practical horsemanship for those interested in this ideal approach to their riding. This book shows how God can be part of horsemanship.

Dare to Step Out in Faith

This book helps us to realise the importance of knowing the power that God releases when we serve Him and remain faithful to Him in every area of our lives. The author lives up to the content of this book in her own life and ministry." GARETH LITTLER Co-Director, Centre for Christian Broadcasting "This book will encourage you to search the Word and pray until you are fired up to go in Christ's name." DAVID HATHAWAY President of Eurovision

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