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How to get access to Bible School materials

You can  print the  Bible School material from this website. This way you will get a good copy.

Click here to access the material

The first Section of the Course is the Discipleship Course It has
Getting to Know God
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
And the Derek Prince book which is not on line yet - we will send this to you.
The second section of the Course is the Evangelist Course
Dare to Walk in Power Authority and Love
Village evangelism
Pastoral Care and Duties
Dare to Know Him More, which is Dare to Do Only the Fathers Will
then the section of the Tests  must also be downloaded as there are tests for every section that  must be taken and passed to qualify for the Certificate.
We will send you the answers to all the tests for you to photocopy and then you can mark the tests for your students.

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