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Growing your local ministry

You have been diligent with all that God has given to you. This is the reason why God has increased your sphere of influence and you have been able to touch so many lives. God can trust you, so He has given more to you.
Only God knows what He will have for you this year.

The word that God has been speaking to me (Joy Johnson of Suzanne's Ministries) for this year is INCREASE.  I believe that this applies to you too.

Because of this I want to advise you on something in order to help you.
Because your church has grown so large,  you will need to put into practise some more leadership in your church to be able to cope with the increase and look after all who have come in.
It would be good to appoint more Pastoral leaders, leaders of the children’s  work, leaders of the women’s work, leaders in the evangelism work and a leader to oversee all the training in organics of all the new people coming into your church and leaders of the discipleship program for new converts.
This way you will not become overburdened.
You will still have the main Leadership role but your time will be spent more in training up these leaders into their positions.
This way they will be doing the work and you will be their leadership oversight and help. This is the only way to manage this many people well.
When the work increases like yours has, then changes also have to happen. Otherwise the Pastor wears out.

I do not know if you have already done this but I do suggest you talk to your Eldership about this and make some changes.
Your role needs to change to be the mentor of the new leaders of responsibility in your church.
Please think on these things and pray about this suggestion.
I care about you being overloaded and I feel responsible in a measure, as I know it is because you are running the Bible School and teaching organics that there has come this increase.
The other area of concern that comes with more responsibility is the tendency to do more work and spend less time with the Lord.
 We busy ourselves with the work of the Lord rather than being with the Lord of the Work.
This can be a trap that we fall into because of an increased work load.
Please take time to be with Him, spend time in prayer and in reading the Word, hearing from Him as to how to manage and do His work. This still remains the first priority for a Pastor whether he has 40 members or 500. Otherwise if a Pastor stops spending time with God,  then he or she becomes dry on the inside and cannot give out to others that which comes directly from the Lord and is life giving.

I hope these things can be helpful to you
Blessings Joy

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