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Providing Information about your work to Suzanne's Ministries
We'll need some information about you and your church. This is for our records.
Could you please let us know:

Your full name
your email address
your phone number
your full postal address
the name of the village you live in
your church's name
how many members you have
how long have you pastored for
how many widows you care for (if any)
how many orphans are in your church care programme (if any)

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Information about Step Out In Faith Bible Schools
Our Bible School is free to anyone who wants to do it, but it is important that each student bring a pencil or pen to class and some paper to write on to take notes during class. This is because there are tests in each section that need to be taken and passed in order to receive the certificate at the end of the year long course.

Most Bible Schools take one year to complete the school doing it one day a week.
I know that most students will not own a Bible, so we encourage each student to bring some moneyto class each week (we will suggest how much when you sign up to run a school). This money can become a merry go round in purchasing New Testaments for the students. Within 15 weeks all your students will own their own New Testament.
It is best that once you have started the Bible School to not take in any more students, this is because when someone starts after you have begun the teachings then the new person has missed some of the material and tests and is then not able to qualify for the certificate. If anyone asks to join once you have begun , just ask them to wait for one year and they can join the next year's Bible School. This way they will not be disappointed when they cannot receive a certificate.
There is a cost to the printing of certificates, on embossed paper with the students name printed on it, so each student would need to contribute this amount for the photocopying of their certificate (again, we will advise of the local currency rate when you apply to set up a school).

I will send you the format of the certificate when you have finished going through all the material and are ready to print the certificates for your students.
If a student wants to have their certificate laminated, at extra cost, it is best that they do this after the graduation. Then every student will receive the same on the day.

Our Bible School is not just academic learning but we ask that the Pastor and his students once a month go out on outreach into their community. This becomes the practical aspect of this Bible school in training the students to become evangelists and possibly future Pastors. This is most important as this is what this Bible School is designed to do to train up evangelists and Pastors.
So we ask that if there are any sick people you offer to pray for healing for them, and to share the gospel house to house, the students can also share what they are learning and put it into practise. These monthly outreach days are a most important part of this Bible School.
Going out on outreaches with your students you will find that your church will grow very fast with all the new converts coming in monthly. Then a programme needs to be established to nurture and disciple the new converts but I will share with you later about this.
Looking Forward to hearing back from you

Joy Johnson, Suzanne's Ministries

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