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How to take authority over persecution, wickedness and other problems.
Because so many areas are having widows being raped when they go out for water God has been saying that we need  to take authority over these demonic forces/spirits that are working through these militants doing these wicked things. Spirits of Terrorism, rape, and fear, and we need to as God’s people, to take authority over them and bind them down and tell them to get out of the areas where they are working in and go back to where they came from. To the pit of hell.

We have Christ’s authority but we do not use it.
God has given us this authority as the servants of Christ,
Oh that the church of Christ would arise in all its power and authority and wield the Sword of the Word of God and be on the attack rather than on the defensive.
We would love to see the all the Pastors in your area come together and take authority for your region  commanding these spirits to be gone in their region. Binding them down first and then casting them out.
Claiming the blood of the Lamb over their territories. The angelic hosts are waiting for the Sons of God to arise and take up their authority. Then these Angelic hosts can go into battle on behalf of the saints of God.
May God Open Our Eyes So We Can See The Spiritual Realm and Realise Who We Are In Christ.
What is happening in  many places to the widows is so upsetting. It is just wickedness.
If you are talking to Pastors where  this is happening in their areas please share this and ask them to take authority in their areas, by working  together with all the Pastors in their own areas. Praying together to combat these evil forces by binding them down and casting them out.
Help the Pastors  to realise they are the Spiritual authority in their areas. A mighty force of God. Satan trembles when we realise who we are in God and when we realise that God has placed in our hands a Sceptre of authority in Christ.

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