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Training Leaders

It is important to put your effort into your leaders to help them grow in God, meeting with them at least once a week so that you can encourage them in their new roles. Teach them what you have learnt on leadership.
Some you will need to meet one on one, just you and him, so he can ask you personal questions as to how to be a good leader.
As their mentor you will need to watch over them spiritually, to encourage them when it is too much for them, to help them see they are in a battle for the souls of men. To just stand alongside them until they can mange their new work.You will need to be always encouraging them to take greater steps in leadership , and also in their personal walk with the Lord.
The Lord will show you if you ask Him how you can equip all these new leaders for their roles in your church. Don’t abandon them to  their jobs but stay close to them and you will train up strong leadership for your church.
Have expectations for them of what you want each leader  to achieve, weekly, monthly and 6 monthly, and help them to be accountable to your expectations for them.
Especially in the area of their walk with God. Train them in the areas of time  spent in prayer daily, how to fast and pray, speaking in tongues, just waiting in God’s presence for Him to talk to them, reading the Word and being obedient to what it says. This is where accountability comes in , if any leader has a area of failure in their personal lives that  they have not got the victory in it, this is where you will need to stand alongside him until there is the breakthrough. But there has to be honesty between you both for this.
Mentoring is what Jesus did with the 12 disciples He invested into their lives on a very deep level. Sharing His life with them and training them to take over when He was gone.
Your role will be one of praying daily for your leaders and seeking God for them. God will give you the plans for each of your leaders. They will do the work but you will be the one upholding them before the Father.

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