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Training the widows in your church and community in Organics.

Teach the widows from the notes on composting and double digging.and the notes on Moringa and Artemisia. Take two or three sessions to do this showing them how to actually make a compost and to double dig the land.
Then explain how they have the opportunity to either join your Bible School or to have a Bible School of their own run by your wife or another leader. A Godly widow can run the Bible School for the other widows.
Doing it this way creates a good, close,  group of women who can help and support each other.
For each group of 30 widows you will only need 3 spades for them to share. One spade per 10 people. This is the reason of placing them in groups , so they can share the tools.
If the 30 widows bring some money each week , then you will soon be able to buy enough spades and Bibles. If you email we can let you know how much money they need to bring in each week in your local currency.
Hopefully within half a year or 26 weeks, the widows will be able to purchase everything for their own group. Spades, a wheelbarrow and then New Testaments for each person. This is not a long time and is able to be achieved by the widows themselves. This way they own their project.
Most of the widows groups will also have their own Bible School they go to. This is run by the leaders of their groups. I would suggest for 125 widows if they all live in the same area, and if they are not attending the Bible School that you run, that they all attend  one Bible School for the 125 widows. Your wife or the Deacon’s wife could take the Bible School.
For their teaching material I suggest that you share your Bible School material with them.
If you have started on the Discipleship Course then let the widows Bible School start on the Evangelistic Course. Then you can swap over when finished. This way you will not need to buy an extra set of Bible School materials for the widows.
Having a women’s Bible School will open up the possibility of Muslim widows coming to learn and may be finding Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.
Also if widows have children or orphans they look after and they go to school, this means on a Saturday the children will be home from school and the widows cannot attend the Saturday Bible School. But if one is run for them in the week they will be able to attend.
It is very important to share your knowledge about improving the soils so the widows can grow more crops. God will open more opportunities for you to teach other widows in the area as well if you are faithful in doing this. God cares deeply for widows in all their troubles and He has promised to be their Husband.

Suzanne's Ministries - Step Out In Faith/Moringa Index

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