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Taking Moringa

Step Out In Faith's Joy Johnson writes:

I just want to clarify for you what taking Moringa and taking Artemisia does for a person with aids.
Aids destroys a persons immune system so that a person becomes more and more unhealthy and  often dies from a sickness that the body cannot fight against.
When a person with aids takes Moringa and Artemisia it begins to build up the persons immune system and begins to make them strong on the inside again. It does not cure the person of aids but it helps them to become healthy again so that they will be able to live longer and work again . It gives them a resistance to fight against any sickness that would have caused them to die before.
They will feel better and be able to live a normal life again but the aids will still be in their system, but continuing to take the Moringa and Artemisia will ensure that their body will stay strong against any sickness.
The best prevention against H.I.V. or aids is to Obey the Bible in the area of sexual relations. No sex before marriage.  Only have sex with your marriage partner and no-one else. Stay Pure.
Health Tea For H.I.V. sufferers.
The dosages a person needs to take who has aids is one teaspoon full of Moringa powder and Atemisia powder mixed together in one litre of water made into a tea. Drink this 3 times in the day.
To dry the leaves of Moringa and Artemisia, dry them in the shade not direct sunlight so all the vitamins stay in the leaves. Then pound the leaves in to a powder.
Equal amounts of each powder place in a container and shake together and then one teaspoon full per litre. Make fresh each day.
When you have dried the leaves and pounded them into a powder you can store this in a jar and from this jar use one teaspoon per day in one litre of water as a tea.
People who have blood problems can use the powder  this way or just eat the leaves or add them to their cooking. Anyone eating Moringa leaves each day will have very good health and stay strong. It is a food in itself.
Water Purifies
Moringa seed crushed can be added to one litre of water to purify it. Within one hour the crushed seed will have purified the water. pour the water through a thin cloth and you will have good clean water to drink.
Animals and Moringa
Give Moringa leaves to cows and they will produce better milk and more milk. The goodness content of the milk will improve. Goats the same.
Give Moringa leaves to hens and they will give you better eggs. Any animal will benefit from eating Moringa leaves.
Mothers Breastfeeding and in pregnancy
A Mother breastfeeding will have more milk to feed her baby with, if she eats Moringa leaves each day or drinks the tea made with Moringa powder. Also taking Moring leaves while pregnant will make the mum very healthy and she will have a healthier baby. The Moringa has so many good vitamins in it that the Mother will not be malnourished.
Feeding children Moringa leaves you will notice a difference within 3 or 4 days if they are malnourished,{ not enough good food to eat}  Moringa is a complete food in itself.
If you have no food, eat Moringa leaves and you will live and still be healthy.
Moringa is a Miracle tree a gift from God.

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